Commissioning Management

Ashford’s core values are that management should be a pro-active approach rather than sitting back and shuffling papers.  Management is a process of dealing with or controlling activities or people.  We believe that this is best served by problem solving challenges before they arise with all parties involved.  As we all know there are some on-site activities which cannot be foreseen and solutions to these challenges are engineered out with parties on site to reduce any potential delay to any project.

Commissioning Management provides a structured approach to the execution of the commissioning process to the highest standards, ensuring that systems are properly tested, commissioned, and operating to the performance expected.

There are 8 key stages to any successful project and Ashford are able aid all areas of the project through these stages.

Stage 1 – Preparation

Stage 2 – Design

Stage 3 – Pre-construction

Stage 4 – Construction

Stage 5 – Commissioning of Engineering services

Stage 6 – Pre-handover

Stage 7 – Initial occupation

Stage 8 – Post-occupancy aftercare

A comprehensive list of our Management Services is as follows:

  • Dedicated design reviews system by system
  • Commissionability Appraisal
  • Creation of commissioning plans and strategy documents
  • Plant Inspection and Testing (Site or Works)
  • Production of tracking documents
  • Commissioning Advisory Service
  • Commissioning Management and Supervision
  • Water treatment consultancy services
  • Management of life safety systems
  • Management of client training requirements
  • Commissioning Documentation
  • Commissioning programming
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Staff Instruction and Training
  • Provide a Client ‘aftercare service’
  • Manage the Seasonal Commissioning Process.
  • Logic Diagrams & Testing networks
  • Site inspections & progress reporting

Design Phase

Ashford are able to appraise the design scheme ensuring that testing and commissioning are able to be carried out once works commence. Working directly with the design team our staff will provide invaluable experience in design, project management, commissioning, maintenance, and building operations.

Construction Phase

Ashford are able to provide the project team with the expertise to execute a successful commissioning process. Our project team would provide specialist technical know-how enabling the successful commissioning of all MEP systems.

Commissioning Phase

Ashford has a proven track record in the completion of the commissioning process providing a structured and auditable process. We can manage all the specialist trades during this challenging phase, co-ordinating the works and provide practical onsite solutions as they may arise

Hand-over & Post Completion

Ashford are specialists in ensuring your buildings operate correctly, ensuring the commissioning phase has been properly documented. We will ensure that any potential defects are cleared before handover to enable a smooth transition from construction to occupation.

Ashford have over twenty years experience within the industry and has a reputation for getting the job done.  Finding the best solutions to the challenges of the modern built environment, Ashford has the will, the wherewithal and the resources to deliver