Ashford are the UK’s  leading commissioning company and pride ourselves on delivering the project on time, snag free and with a soft landing.


Commissioning is possibly the most important activity in the construction process which enables the Mechanical and Electrical Services installation to achieve the environmental conditions desired by both the designer and end user.


Once the commissioning has been correctly carried out, on the day of handover the client is presented with a full, operational building with all test results documented and witnessed, full operating and maintenance instructions available and the client’s maintenance staff fully trained in efficient operation and maintenance of the building.


Any subsequent defects can quickly be identified and remedial action taken by reference to the operating and maintenance manuals and test results.

Over a number of years we have developed a standardised approach to commissioning to ensure not only the minimum overall quality on a project, but improved performance on all our projects by staff familiarisation. Standardisation enables us to resource more efficiently and to cover unforeseen absences due to sickness, holidays etc. with minimum disruption to both client and project.


A comprehensive list of our Commissioning Services is as follows:

• Commissionability Appraisal
• Systems Validation
• Commissioning Advisory Service
• Commissioning Management and Supervision
• Commissioning Testing and Balancing
• Commissioning Documentation
• Pre-Commissioning Checks and Fault Finding
• Plant Functional Analysis
• Environmental Monitoring
• Plant Operation
• Plant Inspection and Testing (Site or Works)
• Site Supervision
• Staff Instruction and Training
• Systems Development, Design Evaluation