hevasure logoHevasure is a state-of-the-art remote monitoring solution designed and built here in the UK.  Multiple parameters can be monitored 24/7, 365 days per year with sample frequency variable from as low as every five minutes with data stored in the cloud or fed directly to your BMS system.  Sampling every 15 minutes is the normal setting providing ample data and rapid alerts in the event of issues arising.

Ashford signed a partnering agreement with Hevasure in 2020 and deploys the systems through our facilities company, Ashfordfm where building “health checks” are fast becoming the gold standard when a building manager is experiencing issues with water quality.

The Hevasure system is also used internally by Ashford Environmental, our specialist contracting business, to enable “live” monitoring of water quality during pre-commission cleaning and commissioning through to practical completion and beyond.

There are three models to choose from; the Aquila for full spectrum monitoring, the Aquila-S for full monitoring in secure environments and the Condor for corrosion only.  Both the Aquila and Condor use mobile technology and a cloud based platform. The Aquila-S was specifically designed for sensitive applications where no data should leave the site and communicate directly with your BMS system.

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