Environmental Performance


At Ashford we do not believe that commissioning is a one off exercise in order to get a building handed over for occupation.  The initial commissioning is vitally important if the installed systems are to operate in accordance with the specification.  However, changing occupancy needs, space utilisation, refurbishment and routine decommissioning by maintenance staff will always have a detrimental effect on the operating efficiency and ultimately, the comfort of the occupants. 

The answer is to employ a strategy of “continuous commissioning”, a comprehensive ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort and optimize energy use.  This technique has produced energy savings of 20% with typical payback periods of less than three years.



  • Systems Validation
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Plant Functional Analysis
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Plant  Operation


For more information on “continuous commissioning” contact Roger Carlin at our head office in Staines.