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Our tribute to John Fuller

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The tale of a Commissioning
Engineer and Pies
By Pete Richards

John used to like a breakfast
Especially of good size.
It was only when at Romford
He started eating Pies.
Twas Gary Coulson started it
And took us out to eat
Then John fully realised
That Pies were good to eat.
When Balkwill said ‘Take care my lad;
Old Norman would find it scary’
Fuller said ‘Don’t worry mate
I shall be very wary’.
Well on that morn, that was a day
When Fuller went for broke
He came back to the Romford hut
And told us all a joke.
He said to Keith what he had done
He’d achieved the Holy Grail.
He’d had the lot, 4 Pie & Mash
And now felt like a whale.
It was not true, twas only 3
And Balkwill never knew!
His father Norman would have cried
If only that he knew.
Embleton said ‘It’ll make you fat’
And Fuller did reply
‘F**k off you boring bastard
I could eat another Pie’.
He did not continue with the Pies
Twas only a short term thing
Although he got a jokey name
It’s how we’ll remember him.
John was a real grafter
And will be sorely missed
Especially by us that knew him well
And often saw him pissed!
We love you John.

Dedicated to the memory of John Fuller
“A Bloody Good Bloke”



John Fuller


To the Staff at Ashford:
I would just like to thank all the lads for taking time to come and attend John's funeral and I'm sorry that I did not manage to speak to you and thank you in person. Thank you also for the wonderful flowers you sent.

John enjoyed his time at Ashford's, he made loads of friends and did not stop talking about his mates and was happy to be given the opportunity to run his own job (even if it was Queen Anne's Gate) and progressing to a commissioning manager and he did progress well with you, thank you for that, it gave him a world of confidence when he became a manager and I know he appreciated everything you did for him.

I also want to thank the lads at Queens Anne's Gate for their kind and generous donations. It was nice to meet you Ribbo, heard loads about you! I wish you all the best, hopefully I will see some of you again soon.

Denise Dove


Our thoughts are continually with Denise at this very difficult time and the Company has already made a donation to Denise in memory of John as a valued member of staff who is missed. May I just remind you that should you wish to make a donation, this can be done at any time through the payroll system.

Thanks Roger & Tony

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